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On this page, you will find explanations about user and account types, account functions, user and account rights. If you have issues finding the right information you can also check our FAQ or contact us.

User and Account Types

Currently, there are three types of accounts:

Regular User Account

With the first registration in Industry List every user has automatically a regular user account and can upgrade to or join a company or supplier account. If you are on your own only intending to search for new suppliers, creating a company account won’t be necessary.

Company Account

If you want to work with your team or colleagues across departments, the company account will give access to every registered team member to your companies supplier directory and listed components. Allowing your team to internally share information about suppliers.

Supplier Account

If you want to offer your services as a supplier on Industry List, you’ll have to create a supplier account. Please note that every location your company has, will need a separate profile. After creating the profile for your headquarter, you’ll be able to set up further locations and profiles.

Account Features

Depending on the type of account you have, you will be able to use certain functions.

Regular User Account
Company Account
Supplier Account
Team Features
Supplier Directory
Invite Link
Supplier Profile

Account Rights

Members of a company or supplier account can be regular members or admin. The number of admins per account is limited to one user.

Create, change or remove supplier directory entries
Create, change or remove components
Create & manage locations / profiles (only for supplier accounts)
Remove members
Manage membership request