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Drei spitze Berge wovon eines eine Fahne auf der Spitze. Ein Symbol für das Ziel was wir verfolgen.

About Us

Our Goal

To enable buyers and developers in the industry to select suppliers quickly, comprehensively and efficiently.

The Team

Patrick Biermann
Jonathan Meier

Our Driving Force: Experience

The idea for Industry List arose from the problem that it is time-consuming and cost-intensive for the manufacturing industry to find suitable manufacturing companies.

The founders, themselves product developers, have had to deal with the problem in their daily work that common search methods are imprecise and provide outdated information. Therefore the search for the right manufacturing company is very time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive.

The presentation of most companies and their services does not correspond to the idea of an informative profile and ensures that a lot of time is spent on phone calls and messages to obtain missing information.

The Industry List team has dedicated itself to these core topics and the solution together with pilot customers and partners.

To ensure that the search for a manufacturing company does not remain a game of chance, the team has been working full-time on the cloud-based search platform since May 2018 and also offers services for supplier search and refinement of supplier master data.

At numerous events, such as the Accelerator Program of Frankfurt’s Goethe University, the Proceed competition “StartUp meets Mittelstand” or the Up2B Productbooster, the team was able to convince and count itself among the winners.

Supported by

Our Achievements

Milestones 2021

Platform Launch

The Industry List platform is live


Legal Partner
for Startups

SleevesUp Rise Program

Startup incubator program

Milestones 2020

Forbes Founders Challenge

Top 60 spin-offs from science

German Accelerator Silicon Valley

A program
of the BMWi

Completion of the Platform MVP

Industry List
takes off

Private BETA
Platform Launch

Platform launch with partners

Milestones 2019

Start-up BW Pre-Seed Program

Program for early-stage financing

Founding of the
Industry List GmbH

The former project becomes a company

UP2B Accelerator Firecamp

Industry and B2B Tech Accelerator

Audience Award

TU Darmstadt business fair

Milestones 2018

EXIST Business Start-up Grant

A program
of the BMWi

Unibator Startup Program

Incubator of the Goethe-University

1. Place
Startup Pitch

meets Mittelstand

Winner of the UP2B

Industry and B2B Tech Accelerator